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  • Recommendation to practise Savasana which helps to breathe higher and calm your thoughts
  • Consistency is the important thing
  • 60 minutes on the mat will remodel the opposite 23 hours of the day

Mumbai: The monsoon season ushers in a much-needed break from the scorching warmth, however it additionally brings with it a number of well being issues. To maintain medical difficulties at bay in the course of the monsoon, we should make sure alterations to our on a regular basis routine. Realising the significance of the identical, Movie star Yoga & Holistic Wellness Skilled and Founding father of Anshuka Yoga, Anshuka Parwani shares few tricks to keep wholesome throughout monsoon season completely on ET NOW.

Listed below are a couple of yoga asanas that may provide help to keep wholesome in the course of the monsoon, keep away from weight achieve, and enhance immunity. These yoga poses have the added benefit of being easy to carry out at residence, which can support in stopping weight achieve and enhancing common immunity in the course of the wet season.

1. Dandasana

Helps in stretching the general legs and prompts your calves in addition to legs. This helps in correcting the alignment of the again backbone.

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2. Bhujangasana Or The Cobra Pose

Helps to open your lungs, strengthens your backbone and will increase your total vitality. The asanas enhance your digestion and relieve the strain in your liver, thus lowering the load in your immune system.

Helps to stimulate your stomach and the encompassing organs, which ends up in stronger immunity. This additionally helps to enhance blood circulation within the mind. Paadhastasana reduces nervousness, insomnia and fatigue as properly.

Other than these asanas, Parwani additionally advises practising Savasana because it is among the best and most stress-free asanas which additionally helps to breathe higher and calm your thoughts. She believes greater than 50% of ailments could be reversed if one breathes appropriately.

“I really consider that any sort of observe is nice sufficient. What you do for 60 minutes on the mat is really going to remodel the opposite 23 hours of the day. Consistency additionally lets you really feel related,” says the yoga skilled.

Which yoga asana has benefitted you probably the most?


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