Sally and Karl work at different jobs. Sally earns $7 per hour and Karl earns $5 per hour. They each earn the same amount per week but Karl works 2 more hours. How many hours a week does Karl work ?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Karl works 7 hours a weekStep-by-step explanation:Step 1: Determine total amount that Sally earnsTotal amount Sally earns=rate per hour×number of hours worked(h)where;Rate per hour=$7 per hourNumber of hours worked=hReplacing;Total amount Sally earns=(7×h)=7 hStep 2: Determine total amount Karl earnsTotal amount Karl earns=rate per hour×number of hours workedwhere;rate per hour=$5number of hours worked=2 more than Sally=h+2replacing;Total amount Karl earns=5(h+2)Step 3: Equate Sally's total earnings to Karl's total earnings and solve for h7 h=5(h+2)7 h=5 h+107 h-5 h=102 h=10h=10/2h=5Karl works (h+2) hours=(5+2)= 7 hoursKarl works 7 hours a week