m/np^2=k solve for n

Accepted Solution

Answer:The solution of the equation for n is [tex]n=\frac{m}{kp^{2}}[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:* Lets explain how to solve an equation for one of its variables- We need to solve the equation [tex]\frac{m}{np^{2}}=k[/tex] for n- To do that we must separate n in one side and all the other in the   second side- Remember: opposite of multiplication is division and opposite of   division is multiplication∵ [tex]\frac{m}{np^{2}}=k[/tex] ∵ n is in the denominator- We need to take n up then multiply both sides by n∴ [tex]\frac{m}{p^{2}}=kn[/tex]- We need to take k to the other side then divide both sides by k∴ [tex]\frac{m}{kp^{2}}=n[/tex]∴ [tex]n=\frac{m}{kp^{2}}[/tex]* The solution of the equation for n is [tex]n=\frac{m}{kp^{2}}[/tex]