10 Horror Sequels That Went Off The Rails


When a horror film hits large, studios all the time rush to search out methods to capitalize on its success. Typically, this implies producing a slew of knock-offs of the profitable movie. For instance, after the success of Paranormal Exercise, extra low-budget found-footage films received the inexperienced gentle in hopes of hitting the zeitgeist. After Scream, a barrage of self-aware slashers with handsome younger actors popped up in theaters.

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Studios additionally attempt to capitalize on profitable horror films by speeding to make a sequel. Typically, this can lead to a movie that works higher than the unique. As a rule, nonetheless, these sequels utterly lose the thread of the film that got here earlier than it.

10 Halloween 3 Is Solely Technically A Sequel

After Halloween II, Halloween writers John Carpenter and Debra Hill agreed to work on a 3rd movie provided that it had nothing to do with Michael Myers. The unique purpose was to show the Halloween sequence right into a type of anthology of horror tales moderately than a franchise centered on Myers.

Nevertheless, Halloween II had already set the precedent that the sequence was going to comply with the story of Myers. Halloween III: Season of the Witch was concerning the pagan proprietor of a fancy dress firm and his evil plan to kill hundreds of thousands of kids by promoting them masks that turned their heads into piles of bugs and snakes. The film failed to achieve the field workplace of its predecessors, and Halloween IV returned the sequence to Myers for good.

9 Friday The thirteenth Half V Is A Homicide Thriller

Beginning with Half II, the Friday the thirteenth sequence hardly ever strayed from its fundamental method past a number of tweaks right here and there (similar to sending Jason into house). Nevertheless, Friday the thirteenth Half V: A New Starting was not solely the primary film because the authentic to not characteristic Jason because the killer; it was additionally a deeply offensive portrayal of psychological well being illnesses.

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The movie is ready in a midway residence for teenagers whose sicknesses vary from “eats quite a bit” to “will homicide anyone with an ax in entrance of everyone.” The film performs out like a homicide thriller, hinting that Jason shouldn’t be the individual below the masks. Ultimately, it’s revealed that the killer shouldn’t be Jason, however a paramedic named Roy, who barely appeared within the film.

8 Texas Chainsaw 3D Made It All About Household

The Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath impressed quite a few sequels, remakes, sequels to remakes, reboots, and redos of sequels, none of which really seize the uniquely terrifying realism of the unique. Texas Chainsaw 3D, launched in 2013, performs out as a direct sequel to the unique movie, ignoring all different sequels. (In flip, Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath ignores Texas Chainsaw 3D.)

Alexandra Daddario (recent off the Percy Jackson movies) performs Heather, a jaded younger lady who inherits a Texas mansion from her grandmother. In a plot that feels stolen from Fortress Freak, Leatherface seems to be dwelling within the basement of the mansion, and Heather is his long-lost cousin. After Leatherface escapes and wreaks havoc, he and Heather crew as much as homicide the sheriff who killed their household.

7 The Exorcist II Is A Weird Sci-Fi Psychological Drama

Followers would argue that The Exorcist doesn’t want a sequel (though the third movie is an underrated gem), however the first movie was a cultural phenomenon, so a sequel was inevitable. Linda Blair agreed to reprise her position on the situation that she by no means wears demon make-up.

Exorcist II: The Heretic finds Regan at a psychological hospital years after her possession. A priest makes use of a fictional gadget to hyperlink his brainwaves up with Regan’s, bringing again Pazuzu. Sadly, the remainder of the plot is a jumble of lore and hypnosis: Regan seems to have had psychic therapeutic talents this whole time, and Pazuzu briefly turns right into a succubus model of Regan.

6 Blair Witch 2 Desires To Be Scream

E book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 abandons the found-footage format that made The Blair Witch Mission a success. As a substitute, in a conceit that The Human Centipede and House Jam movies borrow, the primary movie exists on the earth of Blair Witch 2, and its recognition sparks an enormous inflow of vacationers to Burkittsville, the place the unique was set.

A meta-commentary on the unique movie and a supernatural slasher starring engaging younger actors, Blair Witch 2 feels way more like a Scream film than a Blair Witch movie. The 2016 Blair Witch ignores 2 and acts as a extra direct sequel to the unique, with the found-footage format intact.

5 Unfriended: Darkish Net

The primary Unfriended was a ghost story pioneer within the “films that happen solely on a pc display screen” subgenre. The sequel, Unfriended: Darkish Net, stored the framing gadget of creating the whole film a screencast, however it’s in any other case an unrelated story.

Associated: 10 Horror Films You Ought to By no means Watch Alone (cbr.com)In reality, audiences who went to Darkish Net hoping for a light-weight horror flick could have been shocked. There is no such thing as a supernatural factor within the sequel. As a substitute, cybercriminals torment a gaggle of twentysomethings when certainly one of them will get caught up at midnight net. Each certainly one of them dies horribly by the hands of a shady felony group. It is a much more grim sequence of occasions, and way more believable.

4 Silent Evening, Lethal Evening 2 Is So Unhealthy It is Good

Silent Evening, Lethal Evening is already a tacky film; it is a generic slasher the place the killer is an 18-year-old with a Santa phobia who snaps and goes on a rampage in a Kris Kringle swimsuit. It ends with him storming into an orphanage and capturing a priest who’s dressed as Santa.

However Silent Evening, Lethal Evening 2 takes the primary film and by some means makes it stupider; it is among the finest unhealthy films ever made. The primary half is simply footage from the primary film, now narrated by a surviving orphan (now a violent grownup). The story then follows the orphan as he turns into a killer himself, culminating within the hilarious, iconic “Rubbish Day” scene.

3 Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath Tries To Be Halloween

Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath is certainly one of many makes an attempt to reboot the franchise (as soon as once more) by ignoring each sequel. This time, the film follows a gaggle of influencers who purchase up a small city in Texas hoping to make a classy new village. Sadly, Leatherface lives in one of many homes they purchase up, and he goes on a rampage by way of a literal busload of influencers.

Associated: Each Kill In Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath RankedAbsurdly, the film tries to copy the success of the current Halloween movies by bringing again the survivor from the unique. Sadly, Marilyn Burns handed away in 2014, so she is changed by a lady who seems nothing like her. The character dies moments after confronting Leatherface, after raging at him for not recognizing her face (it has been 50 years).

2 Hellraiser 2 Goes Straight To Hell, In A Good Manner

The primary Hellraiser is definitely a simple, tight movie. Pinhead and the Cenobites play a small half, their solely perform being to chop a cope with protagonist Kirsty to deliver the evil Frank Cotton again to Hell.

However Hellraiser 2: Hellbound is the place the sequence actually begins to indicate off the ambition and complexity of the franchise’s model of Hell. Within the sequel, Kirsty enters Hell to rescue a younger lady. The nightmarish creatures, dreamlike scenes, and physics-defying geometry broaden the universe of Hellraiser so shortly, that the pop is sort of audible.

1 Evil Lifeless 2 Is Off The Rails In The Finest Manner Doable

Few horror sequence are as liked because the Evil Lifeless movies, and plenty of followers contemplate Evil Lifeless 2 to be one of the best installment. An ideal mix of comedy and horror, the film packs extra nice moments and iconic traces into 82 minutes than most films do in two hours.

The film additionally indicators the sequence’ flip in direction of comedy. The primary movie, although made with a minuscule price range and considerably foolish at occasions, is a straight horror movie, and a really darkish one at that. The sequel provides slapstick comedy and bits impressed by the Three Stooges, and it by some means all works completely.

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